The Table Team

Table TeamOrganizers-

AMANDA LOVELEE visual artist/community organizer/ visionary

Amanda Lovelee is a visual artist based in Minneapolis, MN. She is interested in how people connect and the spaces in which they do so within contemporary society. Her work, mainly video and photography, weaves together data, stories and personal experience to create non-linear narratives about the fragility of human relationships. Her recent work has explored a myriad of topics: family history, the lives of beekeepers and ice fishermen, strangers’ love stories and the sociology of square dancing.

COLIN HARRIS project engineer/ community organizer/ fiddle player

Colin Harris a civil engineer, designer, cyclist and musician based in Minneapolis, MN. His recent work has focused on bicycle and pedestrian planning, urban design, and community engagement. Colin’s project experience is based in interdisciplinary design collaborations, which have included elements of transportation planning, sustainable site development, and water resources design and management. His other work continues to explore a spectrum of topics from Open Streets event coordinating / community organizing to the preservation and performance of Old-Time Appalachian Stringband Music.


JOSH BIRDSALL architectural designer/ builder/ drafter


One thought on “The Table Team

  1. seitu says:

    Hey Big Table Team,

    I’m planning an event called Spoken Remedy: The Community Meal for the fall of 2014. Imagine a stidown dinner at a table 3/4 of a mile long set in the middle of a city street covered with a 3000-foot tablecloth with artwork that I create in collaboration with other artists. Local chefs as performance artists will prepare a shared meal from a series of modular mobile artkitchens. The meal will culminate a year-long listening project, through which I will explore the traditions, attitudes, rituals marketing, sale, preparation, presentation and consumption of food. These dialogues will inform Spoken Remedy: The Community Meal menu and the designs of table, tablecloth, and mobile kitchens. It is hoped that Spoken Remedy: The Community Meal will help neighbors and participants begin to understand and visualize their neighborhood food system. Consistent with my environmental values, Spoken Remedy: The Community Meall will be a zero waste event.

    On Thursday, October 18, at 6 PM at the DS Event Center, we are planning a small gathering to try out some of the ideas for Spoken Remedy: The Community Meal and I’d like you to come to being to dialogue about how we could possibly work togther. If you send me an email address/es I can send you each a formal invitation.



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